This is how I resolved the image, some drawing and some painting touchup:octopusresolvedsmI’m pretty sure I’ve posted this image before so an apology in advance if this is old news. That said, my intention is to point out how it’s unresolved at this stage and when I finish it, I’ll post it again to show how I solved some problems.

As a printmaker, I have some miles to go. This started as a monoprint for the background. Then I laid a silk tissue etching of the octopus image on top. In order to make it work, I can’t have that funny business on either side of the etching so I’ll fix it and post when I’m done.

Edit: I decided to update this post instead of adding a new one so the comparison of the resolved image can be seen.

The word prompt for Illustration Friday this week is “underwater” so another good excuse for posting this image! Happy weekend.


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