February 9, 2016 at 3:38 pm


I’ve never been to Flint but I lived in Michigan for awhile. South of Flint, a little north of Ann Arbor and a little west of Detroit. There were things I loved about living there but those were too fleeting to compete with what I hated about Michigan. The grey weather, a beautiful city allowed to rot, my children’s teachers that said ‘aint and the racism. I’d never experienced overt racism like I did in the short time living in MI. From the neighbor who warned me off of visiting a park for it being “too dark,” to the “New” Klansman I met who tried to justify the Klan to me. I know some wonderful people from MI and I’m sorry to offend them but too angry and disgusted not to proclaim, “Now it’s official that I loath the state.”

Some are complicated, some are simple!

February 3, 2016 at 1:37 pm


This being a simple one since it came to me like this. See, I’m going through my many monoprints and whatever strikes me is how they end up. I love the silly looking dog! Both it and the butterfly were used as stencils for other works. Added pen too.

Final Barbie in the series

February 3, 2016 at 10:48 am


Maybe this doesn’t look like Barbie but in my head the iconic doll was my inspiration. This one looks kind of perturbed…

Monprint with stickers (the figure is an ink transfer), ink and gold pen.

Magpie Monday

February 1, 2016 at 8:54 pm


I have a new favorite corvid because of my friend Margaret. I’m not sure if she liked the nickname given to her by her dad but she and I talked about them compared to crows and now, the magpie will forever remind me of her.

We met a year, almost to the day, before she died. I zoomed through her open studio, late for a meeting. Hers was the second on the tour of artists and I intended to join the ceramic group she helped head. Soon after, we were spending many nights and days working in her studio and we grew to be true friends.

Her nerdiness matched mine! When I told her I had a worm farm, she dragged hers out and got it started. Her worms got gourmet treats like avocados that she bought and horse manure from me. She made me laugh with her gentle ribbing and pranks and her laugh was epic.

Margaret was a rockhound and when I saw her bins and bins of rocks that she would show me from time to time, we had cemented our kinship. I was privileged and honored by her offer to teach me to silversmith after I mentioned I was interested. I didn’t get to return the favor of teaching her Photoshop but I intend to continue on account of her. We went on field trips to the ceramic store and the International Printer’s Faire and we had plans for the Tucson Gem Show. A fraction of the plans she had with others but a testament of the kind of friend she was.

Her memorial was yesterday and I learned that her generosity and interests extended to her workmates where she was lead engineer. Her past included work on oil rigs and she was a master diamond setter along with being an accomplished gardener, ceramic artist, silversmith and gem cutter. She told me about some of her native American traditions and life in New Mexico. Though I hadn’t quite gotten an invitation, she understood my apocalyptic fiction interest and I was betting on walking with her and her family to her property there (just in case…).

Losing my friend suddenly was shocking but I was so lucky to have found Margaret! I will miss her something awful and think of her often. Although I don’t think anyone reads this blog, I hope when someone does a search search for Margaret, they will learn a little more about how wonderful I can attest she was.


Margaret as Princess Leia

In the words of Joni Mitchell, Margaret, I imagine you now, up on your feathers laughing!


Riverside Art Museum exhibit

October 16, 2015 at 2:56 pm


My daughter really can’t stand the pieces in this series called Somnambulists that is exhibited through November. I’m not sure what it means that she finds them sad and creepy but I prefer that description over “whimsical” any day. Are you in the neighborhood? Come to autumnal Inland Empire for some surprising treats…