Inspiration when I need it most

malalaWhen all the world seems grim and frightening, beacons of hope like Malala Yousafzai shine. So, in my imagination I see her on a trip through time to the ancient library of Alexandria. She’ll have to travel via Tardis and her lily-white guide isn’t leading the way but is in service to Yousafzai’s call for all children who seek to be educated.

The word prompt for Illustration Friday this week is travel and yesterday Yousafzai spoke on her 16th birthday to the U.N. This imaginary trip is my birthday wish for her.

7 Responses to “Inspiration when I need it most”

  1. roberto Says:

    excellent drawing and watercolor, congratulations

  2. josh pincus is crying Says:

    beautiful illustration.!

  3. lisabethann Says:

    Thank you Josh!

  4. lisabethann Says:

    Thank you Roberto!

  5. A Growing Garden Says:

    I love posts like this! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  6. Web Design Charlotte Says:

    Really great stuff. I’m always looking for inspiration. Thanks for the post!

  7. lisabethann Says:

    Thanks for visiting Charlotte!

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