secretsmIllustration Friday‘s word prompt for the week.

17 Responses to “Secret”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m in love with this. I how you use the media, the features of your character, and the poppies. They’re my favorite flower and I’m constantly frustrated because I can’t capture their paper transparency like this. Beautiful.

  2. lisabethann Says:

    Thank you Sarah! I was inspired today.

  3. TMartin Says:

    Wow. GREAT painting. I love the light, transparent technique, and the character….she’s out there in nature, looking at a bird, but is so distant (almost disdainful) from it. Lovely echoing of the shapes and colors.

  4. lisabethann Says:

    TMartin, I am humbled by your analysis, thank you!

  5. theartofpuro Says:


  6. lisabethann Says:


  7. Sue Mitchell Says:

    you know how I feel about your talents!! xo

  8. Sue Mitchell Says:

    lisa – tried the “subscribe VIA rss” can’t remeber what it said but seemed to not find your site. My computer is 5 years old so some of the problem could be me…sue

  9. Sue Mitchell Says:

    i like the streamlined comments…I don’t have to type in my info at the front end or do any of that password stuff at the end. You will get lots more comments because of this…look at me …three comments in three minutes!!! :)

  10. Sue Mitchell Says:

    be sure to add your lasted show to your bio!!

  11. lisabethann Says:

    Running late so that will have to wait till this evening. Anybody looking at this convo between Sue and me? Check out her website, linked on the right!

  12. khwhitaker Says:

    love the flowers and the colors

  13. Philip Says:

    Really nice image, I enjoy the whimsical nature of it.

  14. lisabethann Says:

    Thank you Phillip.

  15. Suzanne Says:

    LOVE this. I may or may not have pilfered it for my desktop photo.

  16. Suzanne Says:

    …and Pinned it!

  17. lisabethann Says:

    You are sweet Suz, thanks!!

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