dinaweiweiI’m concentrating on illustration right now, particularly while I’m out of town for the month of July. Watercolor is the most mobile and speaks to my desire to paint and make art the old-fashioned way. I can tell by this illo, done for the Illustration Friday prompt, that it’s going to take me some time to make my watercolors fresh and modern. While it feels great to draw and paint after such a long time of focusing on ceramics, I’m out of practice!


This isn’t high-concept at all but my intention when I saw the word equality was to stay away from an obvious solution. In that respect, I was successful! (haha). I’ve been thinking a lot about tyranny, human rights and I wanted to start making a connection to activists in my work. Here’s my baby-step, nebulous idea.

Two good stories I found on the above art-field activists are here for Vierny (love, love, LOVE the Maillol sculptures inspired by her at the Norton Simon!!) and here for Weiwei.



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