it’s wrong to love chicken manure, right?

compostCompost Pile Info Graphic (!)

Honestly, I debated whether to post about this poopy weirdness. But, what have I got to lose? And maybe this information will help someone that’s — umm, considering chicken keeping? Or perhaps it will answer the question of what one does with a whole lot of horse manure.

Above, I have diagrammed my compost pile. I call it mine because I maintain it. I muck the horse corrals and I handle cleaning out the chicken coops. The funky part? I find myself enjoying the task.  Here’s something you may not know about chicken manure; it dries pretty hard in about a day and it’s not so bad gathering it up and adding it to the pile. The whole time I’m raking it (with a dust mask of course) I’m imagining the fantastic dirt it will soon turn into.


Cindy’s Coop and some of the chickens (including Max crowing)

The cute sign on the terrific coop is courtesy of my friend Cindy McNatt who has the best garden blog in California! If you like to garden, get yourself over to Dirt Du Jour and sign up for Cindy’s newsletter. Two green thumbs up!

Finally,  is it me or does horse manure smell a bit like honey? Ok then, I’m a kook. One thing’s a fact, however…in about 2 weeks when I turn this whole pile over, it will be chock full of earth worms! I’ll take pictures! And let you see!

The End.

2 Responses to “it’s wrong to love chicken manure, right?”

  1. Jenelyn Says:

    Oh my! You decided to write about this! Good for you–and I love the illustration. You really do live on a farm, don’t you? Love it!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow Says:

    All I can say is that you must have the most fertile garden in the county. I wish I lived close enough to benefit from your critters poop.

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