It’s the holidays, when stuff comes undone…

I’m not wondering what Lady Cupcake was thinking when she suggested the word undone for the Illustration Friday prompt. Nope, I’m just being a good illustrator today and trying to think of the opposite of an undone present (WINK).

8 Responses to “Careful!”

  1. ArtSnark Says:

    Unique spin on prompt. Great idea & gesture

  2. Lauren Says:


  3. Rui Sousa Says:

    Absolutely amazing work! Just Fantastic one!
    Regards and Happy Holidays!

    The Temporary

  4. Krista Says:

    Wonderful! I enjoy your illustration style (old and new) and your sense of humor!

  5. Asja Says:

    great sense of humor! lovely work!

  6. spindelmaker Says:

    Great idea, and take on the theme! I have to learn how to draw one of these days… :-)

  7. spindelmaker Says:

    By the way, I made you a snow-angel!!

  8. Connie Martin Says:

    Brilliant take on the word and a lovely, crisp drawing.

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